Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CHuman Performane Improvement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CHuman Performane Improvement - Essay Example HPT is a combination of three main processes. These processes are: performance analysis, cause analysis, and intervention selection. Performance analysis, which is the first stage of the HPT involves comparing the performance that the program wishes to create and the performance as it is at the moment. This can be summarized as the process through which the performance that is desired is compared to the performance that is being experienced at the moment. As a result the analysts are supposed to come up with the performance gap. During the process of analyzing the performance it is always important to consider the goals of an individual, group, or organization. There should also be consideration of the environmental context in which the job will be done. The most important aspects to be considered during the analysis are the work that is supposed to be performed, the environment in which it is supposed to be performed, and the individuals who are supposed to do the work. Despite the fact that there might be a slight difference in the terms used, there is a common agreement that the presence of performance gap can be attributed to the work, environment of working, and the individuals doing the work. Different individual usually has different characteristics, what needs to be improved in one individual might not be what should be improved in another. Therefore, the people involved in a Human Performance Technology are very important because they are the main contributors to the current performance. It is the collective attributes of workers in an organization or group that adds up to the performance of the organization or group. Workers are also of high importance to this process because they are the same people who are expected to bridge the performance gap. Their willingness to improve on their shortcomings and perfecting their strengths will be of high importance in improving their performance. The other

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