Monday, February 10, 2020

Humans, Technology, Nature and Spirituality Movie Review

Humans, Technology, Nature and Spirituality - Movie Review Example Spirituality mainly fortifies the link between nature and individuals; hence, someone can interact with nature through religion. Nonetheless, technology appears to destroy the bond between persons and nature. According to the film, Baraka technology appears to destroy nature instead of connecting individuals to it. I, therefore, concur with the movie Baraka, as it shows the unique relationship that individuals share with nature. For instance, the film shows scenes whereby individuals are connecting with nature through worshipping, and this shows a special relationship between humans, nature, and spirituality (Fricke, 2008). Such spirituality connection is seen through the intimacy between the Australian aboriginals with nature. They have an exceptional spiritual correlation that allows them to bond with nature. The Australian aboriginals also preserve nature due to their religious beliefs. Therefore, I also trust that spirituality enables us to protect nature and ensure that no one devastates it. Through our beliefs we can conserve the population, for instance, personally I believe that nature is a special form of healing. I meditate regularly, and due to this, I ensure that the surroundings are well preserved. However, at times our beliefs appear to disrupt us, and we end up destroying the environment (Fricke, 2008). Hence, unlike technology spirituality appears to be the linking force between persons and nature.

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